Дополнительные комплектующие



basic types

Type P – standard pipe for semiclosed rugged parts, wire products and small size surfaces

Type Z – Short pipe for small and middle size surfaces.

Type Z 280 – pipe for middle and large surfaces.

Type UC 280 –  pipe for high performance

Type TP – pipe for high performance.

Type TC – circulating pipe for lower perforance and rugged surfaces.

Type TA – basic type for branched pipes.

branched atomizers

Branched atomizers apply powder paint in several small streams. Every branch can hold micro orifice with six nozzles. Branched atomizers have soft spray beam.

Type K – branched atomizer with cingular arranged branches. Short version K mini is suitable for manual spraying. Standard version is used for automatic spraying only. 

Type V a W – branched atomizer arranged to single or double fork according to number of spray levels. Shor version V mini is used for manual spraying. Standard version for automatic spraying only. 

Type H – for automatic spraying only of horizontally hanging surfaces.

Typ S – special type whose branches are freely adjustable to the shape of sprayed subject.