PowderPilot Control System

The PowderPilot integrated control unit is an easy-to-use control system, with software and hardware specifically designed for automated powder coating systems. Unique icon driven control screens enable ease of operation for all users. 
The technology  provides digital control of all application and booth parameters through a single, user-friendly operator interface.
The PowderPilot system features closed-loop digital flow modules for consistent coating quality, unlimited program storage, an industrial computer, and a 15" LCD full-color touch screen graphic interface display with icon-based graphics in a single dust tight enclosure.
  • Controls all booth, gun mover, detection and triggering functions, as well as the guns and pumps
  • Closed loop flow rate valves fitted as standard for repeatable and precise powder output.
  • Gun parameter settings utilize patented Select Charge® technology and Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) control
  • Compatible with all Nordson IPS corona and tribo automatic spray guns
  • Integrated modem fitted for remote software upgrades and maintenance
  • Statistics package allows detailed production analysis generated by the control system.
  • Configurable to individual requirements
  • Product manuals available on screen in all languages
  • Unlimited product coating recipes
  • Data output to remote network
  • Reduced powder consumption due to highly accurate control features
  • Reduced rejects as operator error is eliminated
  • Contact the order hotline to discuss with a sales representative how Powder Pilot can save you money on your coating operations